Redefine Visitor

Capsule provides an engaging, reliable and cost-effective platform to present mobile content to your visitors.

Focus on the Experience,
Read Later

Fully immerse yourself in your favourite attractions as Capsule provides a delightful experience to read and learn before, during and even after your visit!

The Future of Micro-Content Management

Capsule aims to become a global mobile platform for organisations and quality content producers around the world to manage and showcase their valuable micro-content.

Go Mobile

Make your content mobile-friendly. The future of information consumption will be on mobile.

One app

Users only need to use 1 app instead of a new app for every place they visit.

More versatility while cutting costs

By going digital, organisations can swiftly make necessary changes to their content.

Post-visit customer engagement

Connect and interact with your visitors even after their visit!

Content optimisation

Attention spans are much shorter these days. Captivate your visitor with optimised bite-sized content.

Content translation

Reach out to a wider audience by having information in multiple languages!

Where Content Management Meets Content Marketing

Public capsules

Captivate potential visitors with public capsules! Choose to post selective content as public capsules (for free) that is free for all Capsule users to explore and browse.

Private capsules

Let Capsule manage your entire content inventory! We offer services to privatise your content so that only paid visitors get full access to all your content. Contact us to find out more!

Tailored to Fit Your Organisation's Needs


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Content Digitisation

Content Management

Access Control

Content Optimisation

Content Translation

Content Marketing Services

App-wide Advertising
Targeted Advertising

Other Customisation Services

Learn something new in 5 minutes (or less)

Learn more about the world with bite-sized capsules from established organisations and quality content producers around the world.

Revisit what you have learnt or learn something new from places you have visited.

Follow your favourite museums and bookmark your favourite art pieces from all over the world, forever.



Basic User Account

Bookmark your favourite capsules

Follow your favourite organisations

Explore new capsules


Purchase access to quality private content from organisations / content producers!

Download Capsule to learn something new in 5 minutes!

Capsule For Non-Profit Organisations

Capsule aims to become a global mobile platform for organisations and quality content producers around the world to manage and showcase their valuable micro-content.

For non-profit organisations who wish to digitise and make their content mobile-friendly, we are glad to offer complimentary services through a partnership. Contact us to find out more.

About Us

We are digital marketers and software engineers with a passion in helping organisations digitise and optimise their content for current and future generations. We are supported by the National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing and NUS Enterprise.

We believe that well-written, bite-sized content have the power to captivate audiences and should be easily accessible to the public.

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